Dating bambam would include

Vanessa phan — Dating Bambam Would Include ~ I think he would like back hugs with his hands around your waist.~ Him buying candy and give it to you if you spoke some Thai words rht.~ Him teaching you ayego. Dating Bambam Would Include • his often aegyo being used on you to get the kisses he wanted from you. • you'd get annoyed when you invited him to go.

What Dating BamBam Would Be Like - Kpop Scenarios (He was born cute remember)~ Him wanting to do all kinds of stuff with you, like eating and eating…more eating XD~ Him blushing when he thinks about you when he is alone.~ Him being teased by the other members about, but him trying to act manly in front of you and the other members. What Dating BamBam Would Be Like • Lots of skinship. He never can keep himself away from you, from holding hands or slinging his arm over.

JustWriteScenarios — Dating Bambam would include - got7stories Kunpimook Bhuwakul- this boy- jfc- get ready for the wildest relationship ever- dancing to girl songs together- he slays harder than you - just except it- He’s gonna come out and do Good Girl Bad Girl for you as a private concert- matching outfits- he picks out all your outfits- “no jagi, not those shoes, /these/ shoes”- he mht do your makeup if you ask- you guys will always be late because you gotta look fly- I feel like he’ll have a spot in the closet desnated for sunglasses specifiy- he just seems like that kinda guy- couples sunglasses??? Texting each other cheesy pick-up lines found from Twitter just for the lols • Stealing his sweaters because they're so comfy • Bambam trying to teach you Thai

Dating BamBam would include - kpop bitches. - sharing clothes probably- wearing onsies together on lazy days- you ask him to clean and suddenly the entire apartment is just ruined- “I said CLEAN not TRASH EVERYTHING”- “but look at this outfits I found from when we debuted!!! Dating BamBam would include A/N yes so I'm the type of person to post a got7 scenario under an exo and bts blog. ~sweg child.

Kmelanin - Dating Bambam would include *black girl edition* ”- you probably sh a lot- raised blood pressure- but it’s so fun??? Dating Bambam would include *black girl edition* • questioning his sanity sometimes • but makes you laugh almost everyday • having to educate him on things.

Dating bambam would include:

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